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144 Enlightened Education (NGO)

We need to create new educational models for the new children and educate their parents and teachers on how to best support these children in how they can fulfill their destiny.

144 Enlightened Education (Ngo) is created to represent a paradigm shift in education into Love;

creating room for wisdom and life's purpose to unfold, and the opportunity for teaching & learning from a higher state of consciousness. 


144 Education is connected with Sunya Ngo, as it represents the beginning of New Earth creation. The 144 Gathering & 144 Teacher Training program is meant for teachers, whilst the Sunya Gathering & Wayshower program is meant for developers/advicors & consultants for New Earth.
144 will be created with the Sunya New Earth fund.

The educational system represents a new educational model, a new pedagogical framework, and a co-creative approach towards teaching & learning. Centered on the 144 portals on Earth, 144 Education will assist a higher consciouss shift for humanity and support the creation

of "Heaven on Earth".


144 Education

The 144 Gathering

1 day Gathering:

Introduction to the 144,  the New Earth educational model and Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), for higher conscious teaching & learning.


Available on demand.

144 Education

Teacher Training Program

Program for teachers & instructors looking to shift into the New Earth vibration.


Learn the 4 Modules in the 144 Teacher Training Program; 144 Education, Angels in the Classroom, Pedagogic Meditation (Pm), and S.A.F.E - Spiritual & Emotional training program.


Qualification program.

4 Months.

Available on demand.
Sustainable Economy.

Video made by Karen (16)

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