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© 2019 Linn Angell


Hi there, my name is Linn Angell, I am a trained high-school teacher, wayshower for new earth, and a homeschooling mother. I went through an individual and collective energy shift since 2012, and came to understand that for manifestation of our new earth to happen, we must first shift our vibration into the new earth matrix, then follow our calling and take action! This is because new earth (and projects) needs a solid foundation in LOVE.

LOVE for new earth means to connect with who we are on a soul level, then finding support from both heaven and earth, thereafter following destiny. That is the freedom path for thriving in the new earth matrix!

My intention for the vlog "Simply Living" is to share how it is to live in the new earth matrix as a sort of "normal human being" on earth. My vision is to create a shift on earth where the internal reality of LOVE can "mirror" all of our relationships, social activities, institutions, and forms of society. My dream is to create the divine design that i feel within, and that our new earth will be manifested based on the "inner wisdom" of the new generation!

My background 

It took me 7 years (from 2012-2019) to shift into the new earth matrix. I had to undergo a "universal shift", where I took part of rapid spiritual transfromations, some of them involving transmutation of "the old" matrix", learning that the energygrid of the chakras sustained people in karma, and that the "way out" involved a shift into destiny - the new earth matrix.


I began channeling my first book in 2012: "144 The Blueprint of education for the new education". My motivation was both to create a new educational model for my own two children, but also to follow "my calling". I knew since a young age that my purpose involved taking part of changing education. I took part of an individual shift as well as a collective shift, understanding that this was my path and purpose also, to support people awakening into the new earth matrix!

During the past 7 years, my learning curve was deep and sometimes very frustrating! It was not all love! Activating the love and wisdom within me was often triggered by situations and people around me, and I also discovered that my sensitivity grew, as I could feel the collective as if it was myself. In fact, I became the collective, the new earth collective. Just as I had channeled in 2012-2013. I can see now in retrospect that I had to become the oneness of soul.

My professional background
My academic qualifications ranges from Social Anthropology/Psychology (BA) & Adjunct (High-school teacher). For my MA, I studied Lazanov's "suggestopedi", which I at the same time combined with my professional experience of teaching.

So many things have happened throughout my life, and even though I've had a professional life as well, I believe that my real life experience would create some resume! This is also why I wrote the book "Our Soul is Our Guru" late in 2019, where I am sharing some of my initiations on my awakening journey with the intention of supporting others also! One of the most important initiations happened to me in 2011 when I was working as a teacher and attending a teacher conference. All of a sudden, I couldn't hear the speakers, I simply couldn't receive the information. I may also have started to "block it out", as I was in channeling mood and received internal information from my soul about the new generation and how they need different educational models to cater for their needs. I know it may sound like a "simple excuse", but I simply couldn't receive information based on control or fear. As I awakened into my own truth of this, I realized that "the energy of knowledge" must be transformed into love for the new generation to even want to receive it. Education should be about LOVE. 

I have always had spiritual experiences throughout my professional career as a teacher, career consultanct, and as a consultant for refugees. Although I do not define me as "spiritual". For me, spirituality or talking to our light guides is not "alternative", its simply an aspect of us and part of living as a human being on earth today!


Movement forward

In the end, I want to thank you for taking your time learning about my story! Find information about how I can support you and new earth in Sunya Ngo. 144 education is also part of the greater vision of our new earth! The beginning of co-creating new earth is the gathering!

Learn about Sunya and the gathering here >


New for 2020 is that I will offer speaking about "Love in education" & "Our Soul is Our Guru".
The intention is to bring forward wisdom & tools for love in education, and wisdom & tools for initiation into new earth.


I also want to create a documentary movie about the New Generation, and also continue to spread awareness of love in education, 144, and our new earth. As all of my work is based on the Sustainable Economy System - Giving it forward, I appreciate your support and donations!

Read more about how you can support me and the creation of the movie in Patreon>


With Love, Linn Angell