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The Message: Co-create Mind & Heart in Education

Co-creating Mind & Heart in education, means to focus upon compassion & intuition, as well as academic and physical achievements in education.


The vision for Love in Education is to evolve into a resource platform, training and inspiration for intuitive Teachers & Educators in private and state education. How can we find Love in Education?


Learning how the power of intuition and meditation in education can transform us, and give us a new sence of direction in life and in education! Also offering a series of interviews with people highlighting intuitive parenting and teaching, for Love in Education.


Love in Education

Intuitive Active Meditation I AM Workboo

I AM Love Workshop

for Teachers

1 day Workshop available, for inspiration to Love in any educational setting! Inspiration, tools & meditations offered! For teachers & educators.

Intuitive Consultancy

For Love in Education

Unique and individualized curriculas for education is available. Receive intuitive consultancy & workshops for implementing an unique model of Intuitive Active Meditation in Education.

1 month plan available.


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