Everyone have a story. My story is like anyone on the spiritual journey, an extraordinary encounter with God.


When people ask me "what is it that you do?", I've had a hard time answering that in the past, as there's so many "labels", such as a teacher, a mother, a starseed, a human, a channel, and so on. After I wrote my latest manual "Our Soul is Our Guru"; this insight came to me: I Am a Messenger - a voice of our Soul".


The Messenger

My life & 7 Years of finding Heaven

I was always clairvoyant. I remember angelic encounters since I was a child, and when I was 12 years old. I had an awakening experience. This was a difficult time for me, and I wasn’t too happy about school either. As I was standing outside of my school building, hesitating to go inside because I was late, I suddenly saw a white light surrounding me, and a voice spoke to me saying: “Go inside, observe. Because one day you will change it all”. I wasn’t particularly religious, but I remember thinking; “This must be God”.

After this experience, and many more to come, I always felt a certainty of becoming a teacher, getting involved in school somehow. I did choose a different pathway for a while, and I began studying a degree in Anthropology and Psychology after travelling for a while after university. I also spent some time in a Buddhist monastery, however I moved away from all religion when I was around 26, as I felt that the hierarchy and ego was present, also in religious institutions, I wanted to be free.

I had another awakening experience in 2017, when I was a student in Australia. At that time, I almost “forgot” about my childhood experiences and visions and didn’t practice my clairvoyance at all. I lived with my then husband and two children and focused upon living “a normal family life”. One day I had a dream about an aboriginal lady, who told me to “get healing” before it was “too late”. The dream was so strong, and I decided to look for a healing center nearby in Adelaide where I was living. I then found a center, booked an appointment, and went inside. To my amazement, I saw similarities between the healer I met and the woman in my dream. I learned that the healer’s ancestor line was of Aboriginal heritance. During our session, Archangel Michael appeared in front of me, and I must admit; I was confused, as If I wouldn’t believe in my own calling that I knew was true deep inside.

I slowly began recognizing the guidance of my soul, and my life changed. I got divorced and started a new university degree as a High-school teacher. In 2011, I began developing a new pedagogical model that I in 2012 learned would be the pedagogical training method for teachers in 144 Education; Pedagogic Meditation (Pm) & S.A.F.E (Spiritual and Emotional Training for youth).


The vision of 144 Education was so strong, and it was the first book that I channeled and awakened for our New Earth. I had strong intentions on a soul level of changing education. I could feel that deeply in my own life as well, as a teacher and as a mother of two. Even though I slowly got familiar with its energy before, it wasn't until Dec 21st, 2012 that I made a "commitment" to be of service and to follow my calling. I was sitting in front of my computer, ready to write and channel, when I heard this voice, deep in my soul saying, "are you ready?" I decided to be ready and found myself closing my Facebook and social media accounts, became quite an introvert as well, as if I was "protecting" myself from any external influence.


My dedication for the next 7 years was almost day and night having visions, writing and meditation. I saw the etheric fall of the hierarchy, ego and fear. I understood that now, in 2020, and only now, 144 Education is ready

to be born" on a new etheric field of energy and support.

That is, if we choose to follow destiny.

144, New Earth & The New Generation

"There's a New Generation of incarnated Soul's on Earth. They are here to shift institutions into Love, and to co-create our New Earth from their divine wisdom within. We need to create a new educational model for these children and educate their parents on how to best support these children in how they can fulfill their destiny.


The teachers of our new time are the most important tools for divine change, as they create the bridge from soul's wisdom to action, and the path from love to manifestation for the New Generation. In one moment, our world can change, simply by allowing the path of Love to unfold, and the wisdom of our New Earth to be created with Love.


Our unique New Earth educational model of 144 will support our children with higher conscious achievements in teaching & learning, where their Soul is nurtured; spiritually and emotionally, as well as academically and physically. 144 Education will be created on the 144 ascension portals,

the gateway for creating Heaven on Earth.

If, and when we choose to create our New Earth within the Divine design on Earth,in the New Earth Merkabah, we are co-creating new models for societies in a new energy of Love.


When these institutions are created, we are physically manifesting the beginning of our New Earth".


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