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© 2019 Linn Angell


Some practicalities & info of Linn Angell!

Her academicqualification ranges from Social Anthropology/Psychology (BA), and a degree in teaching Norwegian & English as a foreign language (BA), in addition to further study in “higher consciouss teaching & learning for youth, a MA program that she ended when her vision of 144 was “born” in 2012.

Linn has worked as a professional teacher for adults and youth, and have several years of experience in consultancy & career consultancy for private and state companies in Norway. She also has experience in the field of integration, and as an academic advisor for programs teaching Norwegian to refugees.


She has practiced her shamanic abilities since 2010, and has since 2012 channeled and integrated the New Earth Light -grid and a new etheric foundation for education, sustainable communities and other new earth institutions. Learn more about how she intends to manifest her visions along with other light workers in the physical, in Sunya Ngo (

144 Education  is education for New Earth & The New Generation. Here you will find the Vision,  the 144 Homeschooling template, link to meditations & the book: 144 The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation. Heaven on Earth.


t took Linn 7 years (2012-2019) to transform both her self and the collective (as many others have been part of too!) for New Earth. Learn more about her journey in her new book: “Our Soul is our Guru”. The book is also a course manual created to support other light workers towards their mission work in New Earth, by activating the NEW LIGHT. Book & online course comming soon!

Follow my blog where I will share my journey!

In the Light, Linn.


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