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The Message: Co-create Mind & Heart in Education

Co-creating Mind & Heart in education, means to focus upon compassion & intuition, as well as academic and physical achievements in education.


The vision for Love in Education is to evolve into a resource platform, training and inspiration for intuitive Teachers & Educators in private and state education. How can we find Love in Education?

Love in Education is connected with Sunya Ngo, as it represents a part of Sunya Association. The Love in Education Workshop is meant for teachers (of any educational institution) who wants to connect with love and their intuition in education. Love in Education consultancy is meant for leadership/management in education, who wants to implement Intuitive Active Meditation in their educational institution. When you receive from Love in Education, you are welcome to give your support to the Sunya New Earth fund.  


Learning how the power of intuition and meditation in education can transform us and give us a new sence of direction in life and in education! Also offering a series of interviews with people highlighting intuitive parenting and teaching, for Love in Education.


Intuitive Active Meditation


Learn Intuitive Active Meditation & Connect with self-Love in education!

2 day Workshop available, for inspiration to Love in any educational setting! Learn the practice of Intuitive Active Meditation. 

For teachers & instructors.

Qualification course, available on request. Sustainable Economy.

Intuitive Active Meditation I AM Workboo

Intuitive Consultancy

For Love in Education

Implement Intuitive Active Meditation in your educational instituion! Available for academic & cultural institutions.

Develop your own unique meditation modality inspired by Intuitive Active Meditation!

1 month Consultancy plan is available, by request. Sustainable Economy.

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