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Sunya - The New Earth Fund

Our New Earth is in desperate need for a change into Love. For centuries, our creations have been built on survival, fear and controll, supression and superiority from those amongst us. 

Our New Earth is created from dedication, oneness, freedom and compassion, which includes Free Economy, which is the Giving it forward, Sustainable Economy System, as described in Earth's Divine Design.

Integrated in our creations, we can move forth and create our New Earth in its true meaning -for the benefit of all.

The philosophy of Sustainable Economy is simple;  we give freely, and trust that our receivers will give freely too, for New Earth. In a system, we Give & Receive; in Money, Service exchange, Wisdom, or by allowing people to Give it forward to someone else.

The New Earth fund will support New Earth manifestation, beginning with 144 Education.

Will you walk the New Earth Path, with Linn?

Give to Sunya New Earth fund!

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(The Gathering & Wayshower path)


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