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The Northern Star Academy

"I created the Northern Star Academy based on the information I received about Earth and humannity's ascension & New Earth.  I am here to support awakening and the shift into destiny. All of the teachings are karma free (chakra free) as I work with the New Light, the Northern Star".


"The 144 portals on Earth are already crystallized gridlines within Earth, holding Earth’s intended wisdom for Ascension and creation from Love. These crystalline portals existed in Lemuria when Earth vibrated in the 14th dimension. Earth was then in the crystalline form. In the Etheric, these portals are the holders of the Christ consciousness, connecting Earth into the higher frequencies of Light, “Heaven”. 


From the book: 144 The Gateway and the 7 Dimensions of Heaven".


The Northern Star

Connect with & Channel the Northern Star

The Northern Star Workshop

Learn about the New Light; connect with the 7 dimensions of heaven and our New Earth guides. Take the first step of shifting from karma into destiny.

Channeling & Self-transformative workshop.

Available on demand, by request. 2-day workshop is available.

The Northern Star

Mentorship /Self-development program

Assisting people in the shift from karma to destiny - self development program for those ready to shift into Love and  destiny!

Available for those who have attended the Northern Star Workshop.

Available on demand, by request.

Northern Star Wisdom