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© 2020 By Linn Angell

Message #1 Channeling The White Lion

"The omnipresent circle of Love has a foundation of the divine masculine and feminine, and has since the Atlantean era - the 3rd kingdom - been ereased from history".

Ever since Egypt, the tribe of the White Lion has been under the spell of the "black coin" that is the darkness attempt to distract and to steer Love astray. Deep in the chambers of the ancient Lemurian portal of the White Rose, lies a soul agreement that each person on Earth shall receive the highest order of Love, only then can Earth fully ascend.

Even if you in this lifetime should ascend for the benefit of Earth herself, you will not and cannot step out of the karmic wheel until the human race has reached the presence om omnipresent Love.

In that space, time will cease to exist, and Judah will return as the White Light, as if there’s a mist of high vibrational energy. A “white cloud” will appear on the sky, and the karmic attachments of fear-based history will transform itself into “0”; and a fresh start for humankind will begin. This instant awakening will happen when all have transformed into the presence of transcended Love.

There’s a beginning for this Lightworker, so do not hesitate to begin, to start, and to erase your karmic history in alignment with the collective new light, the Northern star. You are safe, in the Christ flame you are protected, safe, and yet again encouraged to step forward with your mission work. Dear afraid Lightworker, your time has come. The return of the White Lion is a remarkable sign of the collective lightworker’s united frequencies of Love.

There’s many of you, thousands of you who have prayed for divine change on Earth. I am here to offer support and enlightenment for those on the path of the Free World – the creation of the New Earth State.

You are free, and so are the last remaining key that have been capsulated since Egypt. The dharma of fear as a fake protection of the White Ray, has now transcended into the New Earth Rainbow Bridge, only this time the path is not given freely. You’ve got to learn that the essence of Love comes first, thereafter your actions. There’s a new pathway opened on 02.20.2020, the path is free for those who are dedicated on their mission to create the free world. The ultimate change will come when the soul tribe connects and aligns with the collective silver and gold frequencies from Love.

Divine change has come. Be brave enough to see it!

The White Lion

Channeling Linn Angell, February 26th 2020