The Teacher

As a professional teacher, a mother, and visionary, Linn Angell is holding a strong vision for humanity: Love & the Free World!

Create more Love in education, by bridging mind & heart in teaching & learning, as well as implement tools and inspiration for compassion. Education needs to change!

The educational model of 144 is the new beginning, as the new light will first manifest on these portals of wisdom on Earth. 

As a professional teacher in the Norwegian school system (both private & public), Linn discovered the one thing that all educators, students and teachers (also parents) are struggling with; Love.

The pressure of testing leads to stress, depression and lack of confidence for students. The "mind only" approach to learning leads to unbalance, and in worst case; lack of compassion towards oneself and others.

If we continue with education the way it is today, we can risk that our whole genration is growing up, not knowing who they are, where they are going, and how to give & express Love, simply because its not valued in education, and not much in societies either.

These are the key factors that we need to change; More balance in learning (we can still have great academic achievements!) & Training in compassion. All of this will

lead us as a collective towards Love.

Linn is dedicated on her mission as a consultant for Love in Education in Sunya Org.

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