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The Wisdom Chamber for our New Earth

The books from Hummingbird Publishing are created as manuals, in order to give the reader an opportunity to co-create collective wisdom with their own innate wisdom of Soul.

Each book contains images & words of awakened wisdom, as well as additional pages

for your awakened wisdom.


The philosophy of the Hummingbird is to co-create a Wisdom Chamber for our New Earth, as we are all holding aspects of wisdom for our New Earth.

The Hummingbird practices the Sustainable Economy System. When you receive from The Hummingbird, you are welcome to give back to Sunya - The New Earth fund.

Books will also be available in Gatherings & Events. 



Earth's Divine Design

"Co-creation of our New Earth, beyond karma, from the source of Love".


Heaven on Earth

"The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation. Heaven on Earth".

The New Earth Series 1-9



Earth's Divine Design (1)

"Co-create our New Earth, beyond karma, from the source of Love".


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The Blueprint (4)

"144 The Blueprint of Education for the New Generation. Heaven on Earth".


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Sustainable Living (7)


"Sustainable Living from Love".


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The Gateway (2)

"144 The Gateway & the 7 dimensions of Heaven. The Portal to Soul".


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Love in Education

Love in Education (5)

"Love in Education - Pedagogic Inspiration. Journey into self-Love in education".

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Manifest destiny

Manifest Destiny (8)

"Manifest Destiny. INstant awakening in the Holy Grail".

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The Origin (3)

"999 The Origin. Why our New Earth's religion is Love".


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The New Generation (6)

We have arrived".

(Will be co-created with the New Generation).

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Dreamtime (9)

"Dreamtime. Pedagogic Meditation (Pm). The manual for higher conscious Teaching & Learning in 144 Education".


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Indigo Coaching

"Indigo Coaching. 

Empowering youth to be the leaders of our new time".

Manual for coaches.

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"Intuitive Active Meditation (I AM). 8 steps for connecting with Love in Education.


Manual for teachers.

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Kopi av BeeLove.jpg


"BeeLove. Journey towards Love & Compassion".

Colouring in book with affirmations, for youth and their caretakers.

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Our Soul is Our Guru

"Our Soul is Our Guru. Tales from the New Generation about waking up in New Earth".


Linn's journey is completed. The manual will be co-created.

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The Sisterhood of the Ascended Rose

"The Sisterhood of the Ascended Rose. In remembrance to all sisters who formed bonds in Lemuria, and that are now awakening into recognition and re-remembering New Earth".


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New Earth Awakening