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Linn Angell is a natural born clairvoyant and connected with the Sisterhood of the White Light and had her awakening when she was 12 years old. Since then, she's been receving visions and messages for our Free World (new earth).

From 2012 - to early 2020, she received visions of our Free World, and how we can co-create a new beginning with Love and new freedom templates that are now under development. 


Linn documented her journey & visions in the books from Hummingbird Publishing. Our Soul is Our Guru is her latest manual, and her mission is to awaken people to our Soul.

Linn Angell has 7 years of academic training from universities in Norway and Australia. She's a trained High-School teacher/Adjunct and undertook a 6 month research program (MA) in Higher consciouss teaching & learning. In addition, she holds a BA in Psychology and Social Anthropology.

Her professional career ranges from academic advisor, teaching from kindergarden level to college level, and consultancy for refugees. She began her spiritual career in 2010, and from 2012-2019, she went into "hiding mood", as she was working mainly on transforming the collective energy grid,from the chakras (karma) into the New Earth Merkabah (destiny).

The journey of Sunya & 144 is only now ready to be manifested, and Linn has prepared gatherings and further training for those ready to co-create divine wisdom for our Soul, and for those ready for a new beginning.




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