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With Linn Angell

My Journey...

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The Documentary Movie - The New Generation


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Meet Linn Angell

Join me on the path of destiny....

Hi there, my name is Linn Angell, I am a trained high-school teacher, wayshower for new earth, and a homeschooling mother.


I went through an individual and collective energy shift since 2012, and came to understand that for manifestation of our new earth to happen, we must first shift our vibration into the new earth matrix, then follow our calling and take action!

I understood that I AM the New Generation, born with a different energetic structure than the chakras. I experienced a 7 year long journey from 21.12.12 -21-12-19, rediscovering who I was, my energy system (new earth matrix), deep love, and my purpose.

I am called to support the New Generation by creating a documentary movie. The movie is just a vision so far. If you want to support (or co-create), please get connected. You can also support me through the Patreon page.

I'm also a visionary of 144 education and sunya, two organizations created fpr supporting teachers & lightworkers towards new earth.

Learn about the vision of 144 Education (and my previous experience) here >
Learn about the vision Im holding for new earth here >

This is because new earth (and projects) needs a solid foundation in LOVE.