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Articles with inspiration for Love in Education - for educators & parents.


Thriving in the New Earth Matrix. Book and online activations from Sunya. Speaking available!

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Discussing the challenges youth are faced with in education today, and how we can solve them from love! 

Love in Education - The Project!

Co-create a Movie, blog, podcast & workshop for teachers!

Meet Linn Angell

Join me on the Light Warrior path....

There's a new light unfolding on earth - The Northern Star. For as long as I have remembered, I've been connected with a different energetic structure, different then the one everyone seem to be so fond of - the chakra system/chakra grid. As far as I can see, my Light and spiritual power comes from a different source..... The Northern Star.

This Light path is for the Light Warriors of the New time - for the New Generation. We have come to lead and to serve in an unique way; to empower people to follow their true calling. That is the freedom path for New Earth!

Want to join me in the New Light? Take part of 144 & Sunya!

Looking forward connecting with you!

With Love, Linn Angell