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Teacher & Messenger

Linn Angell is a natural born clairvoyant, a messenger of the divine, and also a professional trained High- School Teacher & Anthropologist. She's a mother of two teenagers, homeschooling one of them. She's looking to expand her vision of 144 in the US.

Her professional career ranges from academic advisor, teaching from kindergarten level to college level, and consultancy for refugees. In addition, her experience as a spiritual teacher began in 2010, when she held Angel workshops locally in Norway.


In 2010 she began her spiritual career, whilst training 1 to 1 with Earth herself. She discovered that she was holding the vibration of the New Generation!

Linn is dedicated on her mission, and spent the last 7 years channeling divine wisdom as a messenger for our New Earth. She's also holding a strong vision of transforming the collective, beginning with teaching education, about LOVE!

March 2020 is the first time Linn Angell shares all of her work (after "7 years of finding heaven"), and all of her work is visible on this site. Your support and co-creation is much appreciated!

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