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As a professional trained High- School Teacher, Anthropologist, Author and a natural born clairvoyant, Linn recognises a higher calling to support the New Generation towards freedom!

Since 2012, Linn has channeled & awakened wisdom for The Free World! All publications are available in Sunya, the organization she created for sustainable development of Free World Institutions, Education & projects for the New generation.


Linn holds a BA in Social Anthropology from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), as well as a BA in English & Norwegian language learning from UIO (University of Oslo) and Flinders University (Australia). She's also trained as an Adjunct at the University of Oslo. In addition, she participated in a 6 month reserach program (MA), where she studied higher consciouss teaching and learning, inspired by Dr. Lazonov.


Linn has worked as a teacher, career consultant and advisor in some of the largest private organizations in Norway. She's also worked for private and state schools, and for the Norwegian Welfare system.

Her private consultancy experience ranges from cooperations in the fields of career consultancy, and implementing meditation practice for private education.

She began her career as a spiritual teacher in 2010, and some of her advanced skills are shifting people into destiny & assisting people into spiritual and emotional freedom!

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